a beautiful soul
(Farchal Flora)
2003 – 2017

Purdey came to live with us when she was nearly 2.  She and Max bonded and although they were not together that often she was and remained “his” dog and he “her human”, to the very end.

She was an extraordinary dog with a great heart, infinite love and amazing generosity.  I was not always as kind and generous to her as she was to me and, if belatedly, I apologize unreservedly to her.  She taught me so much (maybe not patience as that was not her forte either).  Her kindness, constant and continuous forgiveness for all my mistakes, and there were many, was and is an example to be followed.

She was a great teacher not only to me but also to countless dogs who came to live with us over the years and in her latter years at puppy class and parallel walking classes where she knew exactly how to let the other dog(s) know what was polite behaviour and what was not.

Although I no longer do, I cannot end this tribute to Purdey without mentioning her many years as a fabulous and tireless companion picking up at numerous shoots  – an activity she loved and excelled at.

We shall all miss you but know that you are continuing on a wonderful journey to help many others. Thank you Purdey for having been part of our lives and teaching us so much.