Fig, Figment, Figelarurururu, Mrs F, Mme F, FigFig, Dame Fig…
Calcite Kativa
15/02/06 – 22/02/21

What a girl!!!!!

You arrived here at about 4 months old and pretty much took over from the word go … Kelly and you were so very close, although it was very much your call.

We were lucky enough to share nearly 15 years together and you saw many a youngster – including your own pups – and a few golden oldies come and go … and you were the one who kept the household in order, most of the time.

You knew yourself pretty well and knew what you liked and did not like and were always very clear at letting us – humans and dogs – know. Your space was yours and not to be shared but you liked to occasionally go and share with Kelly and sometimes Tax.

When it came to games it was fine to play for a little while but not too much as that was boring … so you always just told me very clearly when you had had enough!! You, however, NEVER tired of the treat searches and loved, even on your last day here with us, to go out into the street for a short while and pick up all those pee-mails even if responding had become complicated.

Have a safe and wonderful journey my lovely feisty girl wherever you are going … we love you

MGF 22/02/21