also known as “Luce”, “The Luce”, “Madam L”

06/01/1999 – 22/03/2012

Luce having been with us just over 2 years now –having spent 11 very happy years with an elderly lady – has decided to continue her journey elsewhere .

From day one – although some 10 kgs overweight and unable to climb any stairs – she fitted straight into the pack. Over a few months she lost the excess weight and was a spritely, happy, go lucky member of our family.

Always keen to know what was happening she would not miss much and would appear on her toes with the ears pricked “what have I missed?”. She loved just being part of something and knew how to make sure you knew she was there (specially at meal times!!!). Licking was her thing – if you let her she would just lick and lick and lick… and she just loved doing it.

A few months ago her hearing started to go and she started to feel less well with her organs slowing down (but never at mealtimes).

She went to sleep in the garden this morning surrounded by all of us and is continuing her journey..

“Bright Eyed and Bat Eared lovely Luce” she will always have a special place in our hearts.