Most of us, have been taught that we must control every aspect of our dogs’ lives and we have therefore denied them free expression, which after all must be the right of every living creature.
So lets welcome the fact that they have thoughts, feelings and a right to express themselves, just as we do.

“We need to learn more from them not only about them.”
Jane Goodall

At Happy and Relaxed Dogs we follow the ethical code set out by PDTE
The ethical code puts the welfare of the dog first.

When we learn to observe and respond to our dogs’ communication, we immediately improve our relationship with them and can change our behaviour to build a bond with them based on love, trust and mutual respect allowing them to

  • Feel secure
  • Be relaxed at home as well as outside
  • Respond to our requests
  • Make appropriate choices
  • Be comfortable and relaxed around other dogs, cars, joggers ..
  • Walk calmly on a loose lead
  • Stop obsessive behaviours, such as tail chasing, feet chewing, fly catching …

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“When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.”
Arapaho Indian Proverb