Working together

Consultations and classes

For all our classes, we only use harnesses and long leads which we are happy to lend you for the first session(s).
Acquiring the “Calming Signals” book by Turid Rugaas is a must.


“Scent, Nose-work and Tracking/man-trailing”

Dogs use their noses all the time and are good at it.

Although we may never fully comprehend the full extent or reach of their amazing sense of smell, this little video by Dr Alexandra Horowitz does help us – it is short and an easy to follow.

Scent-work is a nice calming activity, 20 minutes of scent-work tires our dogs in a healthy way. Sniffing causes our dogs’ pulse rate to drop; sniffing provides great mental stimulation for dogs whilst playing nose games with them is a brilliant way to interact with them.

All nose-work will benefit our dogs as it will boost their self confidence, improve the relationship between dog and human whilst building trust and mutual respect.We offer all types of scent work classes as well as tracking/man trailing sessions on a regular basis.

To know more or to book a session just fill in the form and we will revert by return.