Working together

Consultations and classes

For all our classes, we only use harnesses and long leads which we are happy to lend you for the first session(s).
Acquiring the “Calming Signals” book by Turid Rugaas is a must.


“Group classes” – Parallel walking (PW)

Every dog who reacts by lunging, barking, etc, be he frightened or “aggressive” towards another dog, person, has a “safe distance”. This means that at this distance, however close or far it is, the dog will not be reactive.

In PW sessions we use that safe distance and let the dog walk in parallel to what he is reactive to. Walking in parallel is the least threatening, least confronting type of walking we can do with our dogs.

We do these sessions in empty parking lots etc on Saturday and Sunday mornings (and sometimes on bank holidays or evenings in summer) where there is minimal disturbance and distractions.

In these classes we also teach loose lead walking and how to improve your dog’s recall.

What you/your dog need:

  • Harness (non-correcting) – To know more about why we recommend a harness.
  • Long lead (min 3 m)
  • Water

Your dog will need to rest in between session (there are 2 sessions per dog), make sure he is comfortable on his own in the car. Should you wish to join us with your dog, you will need to have either a 1 to 1 session or come to observe a class on 3 separate occasions without your dog. Observers are welcome at all times, subject to space, free of charge.

To know more or to book a session just fill in the form and we will revert by return.