Working together

Consultations and classes

For all our classes, we only use harnesses and long leads which we are happy to lend you for the first session(s).
Acquiring the “Calming Signals” book by Turid Rugaas is a must.


“Social walks”

Dogs are social creatures, so if you want to add to your dog’s life by providing him with the opportunity to have some dog friends, social walks can really help.

The walks involve a variety of activities such as recall, loose lead walking, and some calm and polite interactions with other dogs including some off lead time (no manic off-lead play ). As with all our classes, we will observe our dogs to better understand how they use their body language to communicate with each other, the environment and us.

Groups are kept small. All ages and breeds are welcome, as long as we have met (1 to1 session or class).

To know more or to book a session just fill in the form and we will revert by return.