Who we are

Marina Gates Fleming, Carole Dupuis and Elise Monfort

We are graduates from Turid Rugaas International Pet Dog Trainer’s Education and are passionate about making dogs’ lives better and are keen to share what we know with as many of you as possible.

Marina is a member of the PDTE which promotes and brings forward the best possible practices in all dog activities

We offer 1 to 1 consultations, puppy and young dog classes, man-trailing and nosework,  workshops as well as help with  “fear”, “aggression”, “over-excitement” , lack of recall , lead pulling etc..

Should you wish to know more please contact us

Our dogs are fed ”raw” and we mainly use organic product and use no chemicals in or around the house.  We vaccinate the absolute minimum required by law and use natural worming and anti flea and tick remedies.

To help you in your quest towards a (even) better relationship with your dog based on mutual respect, trust and understanding, we recommend you read and view any of Turid Rugaas books and/or DVDs.  In particular we HIGHLY recommend both Calming Signals by Turid and “Understanding the silent communication of Dogs” by Rosie Lowry (a dog behaviourist based in the UK) .
We have these books in stock.

Please do not think that our dogs or we are perfect …. far from it – “they are just dogs” and well …. “we are just humans”.  We are always exploring, always looking to better our knowledge and improve on our experiences and are always learning and usually our best teachers are … our dogs of course!.