also known as Ginger, OlliePops, Ols…
November 2006 – August 2019

It was your decision to leave us now and we respected your choice – what I remember most about you, is your stubborn will to overcome your physical issues. It is your courage and rejection of pain that has kept you with all of us for so long.

You have loved and been loved so very deeply .. your first love was Miranda with whom you lived for some 9 years, however when India was born, she became your centre of attention and you loved spending your time with and near her, ever patient and respectful, as was she, for such a young child who still loves you so much. This photo of the 2 of you travelling up by train to Scotland says it all ….

In May 2016, with Miranda expecting Jasmine and your physical issues becoming difficult to manage for a growing young family, you came to live with us. It took some time for you to settle and there are still today some sounds, for instance, which we have to be careful with when around you, but I believe you were happy with us.

As I have said, you decided that the time had come, as you told us that your physical body was no longer there to support you and it was time to move on .. you are also looking forward to being, once more, with your great friend Tax. Enjoy your next adventure dear Ols we shall miss you xx