Man-trailing 26/11

As with all nose-work, the benefits of man-trailing for our dogs are great from boosting self-confidence to improving the relationship between dog and human as well as building trust and mutual respect.

Dogs of all breeds and age can track. The sessions usually take place in the am, you need a car and your dog should be happy to wait in it between tracks. Please set aside between 2 and 4 hours. We usually do 1 or 2 tracks per dog except for beginners who do more to allow them to understand what we are asking them to do. We need a minimum of 2 participants and maximum 4 although 3 is best.

We take bookings on a first-come-first-served basis. The cost per dog is 35€ – if the dog is able to stay on his own in the car (please contact us PRIOR to booking should this not be the case). Because it involves so much organising we ask that, should you have to, you cancel 72 hours (3 days) prior to the date, otherwise payment will be due.

A few days before, all participants will receive an email with details of the number of dogs, tracks, time, address etc… but in the meantime.. a few details

Each time you come man-trailing please bring

  • A small backpack or similar.
  • Delicious treats, pâté or similar, it must be something to lick – no dry treats. Have them ready to eat in small jars so that your dog can have some at the end of each track (especially at the beginning at least 2 per track).
  • Water and a bowl with you to offer some water to your dog at the end of each track
  • A smeller, old T-shirt or similar, preferably cotton, with your scent on it – in a resealable bag (not used before and not noisy) or even better in a glass jar with a lid. You give this to the person tracking you and they give you the rewards to give their dog when they find you.
  • Ergonomic harness
  • Long leash of +/- 10 m (we always have a long lead you can borrow)
  • Remember to bring poo bags

On the day

  • Should your dog need it, make sure you have something to cover your car and in hot weather this is imperative
  • Dress for the weather

*when you are the “runner” (the person being tracked)

  • Do not retrace your steps (unless it is part of the trail).
  • Try, if possible, to make the trail easy to follow
  • When you are found, reward and praise the dog calmly. For some dogs it will be necessary to leave the backpack with rewards a few metres in front of your hiding place.
  • Watch your body language around the dogs – and when the dog finds you when you are the runner – always be POLITE to him/her.

*When you are man-trailing

  • Follow your dog
  • Trust your dog
  • Do not speak to your dog
  • Praise your dog when he finds the “runner”

Event Information

  -, environs LLN
}  November 26, 2022
  Saturday, 08:00 to 14:00
   Remaining slots: 1

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   Happy and Relaxed Dogs

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Remaining slots: 1

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