Improve your overall relationship with your 4 legged friend 28/05

“Group (*) ” classes: Nose work Games and Reactive dogs and/or just simply some recall/lead work

(*) we call them Group but each dog is “worked” individually

We know that our dogs are “noses on legs”. Using this olfactory skill has many beneficial effects: amongst other things, it increases self-confidence and their ability to concentrate, improves their perception of their body in space and helps them to learn how to “play” calmly. We invite you to discover or rediscover some fun ideas on how to keep your dog happy, healthy and relaxed. On the program: treat searches, searching for toys or objects, the “lost retrieve”, scent discrimination, initiation to man-traling/tracking …

We also offer sessions to improve your overall relationship with your 4 legged friend

  • to learn about the importance of your and your dog’s body langage
  • to help dogs who need to be better acquainted with other dogs/people/objects/cars… i.e. lunging, barking, growling, straining on the lead etc: “Parallel Walking Sessions”.
  • on how to teach your dog how to walk on a loose lead
  • on how to have a better recall

If you have not been before you are more than welcome

  • Without a dog – as an observer = free and almost always space
  • With dog – the cost per participating dog is €35 (if only one dog participates, by mutual agreement, this will become a 1 to1 – cost €60 – or will be cancelled). Only:
    • after observing a group course at least 3 times (free)
    • or after having had a 1 to1 evaluation in zoom or in person (cost €60)
  • First come first served. Almost always on Sundays. The time (morning) and place (a car park near LLN) are usually communicated by email +/- 48 hours before.
  • Count on an average of +/- 1 hour per number of dogs (3 dogs = 3 hours); each dog is “worked” separately – usually 2 sessions with rest in the car between the 2 sessions.
  • Turid Rugaas’ book on calming signals is a prerequisite for working with us. You can get it online or we have some in stock (15euros).

On the day

  • We will show you where to park and ask you to please not take your dog out of the car when you arrive, wait for the team to give you the go ahead
  • Please bring the following equipment:
    • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the weather.
    • Bring tasty treats and water
    • Prepare the car so that the dog can wait comfortably (separation if necessary, warm and comfortable blanket, water, something to chew,…)
    • An ergonomic harness and a long lead.
      Why an ergonomic harness? Because an unsuitable harness or collar (especially a choke chain) causes pain and pain always changes behaviour.
      Why a long leash? To allow our dog to be a dog and to do normal and natural activities for a dog. If you don’t have a harness or lead , we can lend you one or both. Could you please send us the measurement of your dog’s rib cage 3 or 4 cm behind the armpits (on the above link “ergonomic harness”, you have a short video showing you how to do it).
    • Make sure your dog has peed and pooed before (but have some bags just in case).

Event Information

  -, environs LLN
}  May 28, 2023
  Sunday, 08:00 to 14:00

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   Happy and Relaxed Dogs

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